Dayawati Modi got inspired by the mythological stories of Sita, Draupadi, Durga Devi, Radha and the powerful Indian Goddesses. She felt that she had to work hard to empower herself and started following religious rituals strictly. She got up early before Sunrise and daily took a bath at the Ganges river at four in the morning.

She was influenced by Maa Anandmayi Maa the lady saint from Bengal.

Anandamayi Maa was a mystic close to many important people of the 1960s and 1970s. Originally from Bangladesh, she made her home in the Dehra Dun hills and received many celebrated devotees, including Kamala Nehru and Indira Gandhi.

A central theme of her teaching is "the supreme calling of every human being is to aspire to self realization. All other obligations are secondary" and "only actions that kindle man's divine nature are worthy of the name of actions".

She instilled in Daya the belief in self and inspired her to built a temple in Modi Nagar.

Understanding the need for constructive counselling in women’s lives, she would meet the women of Modinagar every Monday at the Lakshminarayan temple the family built with her inspiration for the city, in the year 1963.

Maaji served renowned saints with unflinching dedication: Shri Mahesh Yogi, Maharaj Krishna Ashram Ji, Swami Vihshnu Ashram Ji, Jagad Guru Divya Nand ji. She often visited religious places.
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