Guiding Force & A Loving Mother

Smt. Modi's entrepreneurial abilities and skills were put to severe test after the death of her husband. Her 5 sons were still very young to be fully ushered in the knitty gritty of corporate management. She was left to manage the vast industrial edifice so assiduously built by her late husband brick by brick. But in the true spirits and traditions of Indian womanhood, she rose to the occasion and by her rare insight, deep vision and qualities of her head and heart she led and guided her sons into the corporate world and daughters in field of philanthropy.

Through her saga of life she has represented the best in Indian womanhood and led an ideal life of service to the humanity, devotion to the mankind, love, care, kindness pity and compassion for all beings and valour, courage of conviction, spirit of sacrifice, vision, enterprise and all that is best in the Indian traditions and for which the Indian womanhood can be legitimately proud of.

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